Make or break time for the Kaiji-style self-portrait.

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Kaiji, as well as Akagi fans, I need your help with a rather interesting request.
If you were here a few days ago, there was a post about a multiple self-portrait project for an art-class with the proposition of doing one of the portraits in Kaiji/Akagi style. That poster was me, and I need your help bringing it to fruition.

You see this geeky, oily tool with the horrific chin-beard in the posted photos to the left? That geeky, oily tool is me, the artiste. What I need from /a/nonymous is help converting my homely visage into Kaiji/Akagi-from.
I’m a major slowpoke, and am only on Kaiji episode 10. What I need from those who have watched more of it and have a metric fuckton of screen-caps are reference-images and suggestions on how to convert each of my features to Kaiji-style.
I was originally going to go for the standard pointy-nose, but A. My nose is huge, but not long, and B. Not ALL noses in Kaiji are pointy. Some are stubby (like Furuhata’s), some are in between. Based on my photos, I need Kaiji fans to help me play mix & match and provide pictures from Kaiji of eyes, noses and facial structure that mimic my 3D ones, taken from any character.
tl;dr, post pics of characters from Kaiji with “lol use this nose, it’s kinda’ like yours. and then maybe these eyes from this yakuza here.” and the like. Help me out, Kaiji fans. I’m running out of time, and if not delivered soon I might not be able to complete it.
In b4 holy fuck you’re fucking ugly. Master of the Obvious, etc.