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I have used all the strength in my body to breed cats, but for me, who has carried the weight of these cats for over 10 years...A mere kitten is not enough!

It must be a great cat!!
A whole-hearted great cat!!

These are nothing more than a thousand remaining cats of countless I have created...but I believe they are an unlimited number of cats. The finest of cats, each worth a thousand cats.

In that case, including the furry that is myself, these cats are over a million and one strong.

I shall drive awake you that have forgotten the meaning of cats, pull awake you who have fallen in your sleep. I will pull you up by your hair and pry your eyes open and make you remember...

I will remind you of the taste of fur.
I will remind you of the sound of purring.
I will remind you that there are cats between the earth and sky which they would not even dream to be possible.
With a set of cats over 1000 strong...
I will crush your pride.

King of heroes, do you have enough cats?