Ask a fansubber

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Sup again, /a/. Like yesterday, I thought I could make an "Ask a fansubber"-thread today too.

So, I'm a fansubber myself. If you have any questions or other things you'd like to know about fansubs or fansubbing in general, ask and I'll answer the questions. Feel free to ask whatever you want, as long as it's related to fansubs or fansubbing.

As a sidenode, I'm using this tripcode only for this thread, in case some other fansubbers/people decide to answer the questions too (like yesterday) to avoid confusion. I currently don't have any work to do regarding the shows I'm working on, and my group is not going to pick up show X, so "get back to work" or "can you guys sub series X" will all have the same answer as right here.

Picture unrelated to grab people's attention like usual.

Also, in before IRC drama.