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A quick guide to anime:

Bible Black is a hentai anime. Running 6 episodes long it features a group of students and teachers in their dormitory, practicing black magic and causing people to do perverted things. The nurse wants to sacrifice a girl and steal her body.

If the anime you are requesting a sauce for doesn't have girls doing incredibly erotic things in the name of black magic. It's not Bible Black.

Battle Toads is not an anime at all. It is a series of games, as well as an incredibly short cartoon series from America, which is a typical 2D brawler. If the anime you're requesting a Sauce for doesn't have large anthropomorphic frogs fighting people then it's not Battle Toads.

Boku no Pico is about a young boy named Pico who matured much more early then the rest of the kindergarten kids as he's busy out having sex like a male prostitute while everyone else is learning their A,B,C's. He meets a boy name Chico in the sequel and they fuck like rabbits.

If the anime you're requesting a sauce for does not have two underage boys fucking each other then it's not Boku no Pico.

Hope that helps.