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Hey everyone on /a/!

My girlfriend's Dad is having his 40th birthday and it's themed "Your Favourite Cartoon Hero or Villain" and since I only watch anime when it comes to it I figured I'd go as an anime character; thing is, which one? Any suggestions welcome (my plan at the moment is to go as Totoro).

I was thinking of going as Rowe from L/R but I need someone to come as Jack to do that and I can't take anyone else. She is going as Fay from Cowboy Bebop and her mate Dan is going as Spike, which was my plan but they they organised it so fuck it; I work better as my own character anyway.

Unfortunately she has said if I go as any form of Loli (as big a joke as that is being 6'3" and a Rugby player) she wont let me in so I'd best take that advice! Haha! I also can't go as Shinji from Evangelion because it's too plain; as is any of the costumes from Wolf's Rain EXCEPT Lord Darcia when he walks into Jagara's keep (for all you Wolf's Rain fans), which I am still contemplating. Darcia is the pic.

So, /a/. Any suggestions? (Please post pics with suggestions for a look at a costume but if you don't have one I can Google it). Thanks again!