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ITT we talk about how awesome Spring 2008 is.

Soul Eater - Shounen shit that will probably take the place in my heart that Gurren left back in October. Quirky characters, neat artwork, awesome fight choreography <3

Allison & Lillia - Last Exile with more colors and a Boewing E75 instead of fictional planes that run on magic

Code Geass R2 - Mechs, Politics, Tactics, Kallen's tits and C2's ass

Golgo 13 - It's Golgo motherfucking 13

Macross F - Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Ni Hao Nyan. Also Mechs

Kurenai - Pedo shit with a storyline

Chi's Sweet Home - If you can't smile while watching this you have serious problems

Tower of Druaga - Monty Python - The Animu