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I goto eat something and when i come back the killing thread has been deleted!? Come on mods! Don't ruin anon's fun! All start another one if original OP won't.

Ok everyone has at least one anime character they absolutly hate with every fiber of their being. This thread gives you a chance to kill them in 1 form or another. which will it be? But it might not be that easy.

Post end in 1: Slowly being dropped into a pot of boiling oil.
Post ends in 2: STAB STAB STAB!!!!!
Post ends in 3: They escape and kill you instead
Post ends in 4: Gunshot to head. instant kill.
Post ends is 5: Head chopped off
Post ends in 6: Creamated alive
Post ends in 7: Escapes and you never find them again
Post ends in 8: Sufficated slowly.
Post ends in 9: Stick of TNT up the ass.
Post ends in 0: They don't die but you disfigure them so badly noone wants to be around them.
Post ends in 00: You have the power to revive them and kill them as many times as you want.

Bonus killing: if you post ends in 000 the you are to the one who is personally responsable for their torment in hell!