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Some FO Geass spoiler. Thank you for kind anon for the translation. The thread is in anime salon EX

名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。: ID:U/qwU.yqHY (I am pretty sure this is his tripcode)
Q: That was a cool/nice episode.
A: It will get even better.

Q: There are a lot of new mech in the OP, when will we be seeing them?
A: Most of them are secrets, but you will see some next week.

Q: Anything you can tell us about this R2?
A: The story will start rather slow but will move very fast as it went on, please wait and enjoy.

Q: Who is this Rollo? Why does he have geass?
A: Thats a secret.

Q: I see Kallen and Lelouche conversation/interaction there. Is it going to be Love-love?
A: There will be some more, but you might be disapointed. The rest are secret.

Q: Koteiheika (Emperror) looks very powerful, is he the final boss?
A: That is a secret. There will be some twist. Please wait and see.

Q: C.C.'s arc wa mada?
A: (laugh) That is a secret.

Q: Who will be important characters in the incoming episode?
A: Lelouche, Gilford, Suzaku and Li.

Q: I love the new OP
A: I am glad you like it, so we don't have to change it for sometime (laugh)

Q: Gawain is gone now is it?
A: Please wait and see.

Q: Is there an impact on moving the TV time slot?
A: The staffs actually prefer this time slot, and the rating increases as well. We have to do something differently though.

Q: I like the bunny suit, will we get to see more of it?
A: Unfortunately not, there are other stuffs though. You will enjoy it.

Q: Where is Nunnally?
A: That is a secret. But you will find out soon.