Gantz Again

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Okay Gantz. I gave you a shot. After killing everyone but Kurono in one fell and poorly done with no effect or drama swoop, I was pretty much done. You almost sealed the deal when the next 2 issues were all about him in school until that little alien dude went postal. I guess I kept reading to see more tit-spreads.

Then you kinda reeled me back in with Izumi rounding up new candidates by black-facing and going on a rampage. So, the new super-team consists of Kurono, a guy who can kill dinosaurs with his bare hands, two psychic kids who can explodes hearts and brains, a panda, serial killer Izumi, awesome old man and hotsauce Reika. Doing alright. Kurono even has a girlfriend who wakes him up by giving him head AND she swallows. Double points. WTF vampires? Random little brother? I swear to God Gantz, if you kill these awesome-ass motherfuckers with no build-up again or have less blowjobs or hallway sex, I'm putting you down for good.

...vampires? Honestly?