Learning English trough anime?!

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Yup. I did.

Obviously, I learned some jap trough subtitles, but it really WAS english.

You see, I'm a french speaking guy from Québec and I started my weeaboo trip in 1994. At that time, and until just recently, all anime / manga / video games where only available in english translations. I had english classes in high school, but they're don't worth much. So, I had to learn by myself.

After some years, I started watching Hollywood movies in the english original instead of the french dubs. Now, I never watch dubs anymore. Only with my french-speaking family must I endure the drabs and lifeless french dubs of American films.

Even now, I only go to english forums! Why? beat me... Now, I only need to practice my speaking skills.

So, anon, did you used anime in order to learn a foreign language?