Anime Anyone?

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Ok folks … I admit it … I am a closet anime liker. lol

During high school I LOVED anime but whenever I tried to introduce my friends to the wonder that is Inuyasha or Ranma ½ or even Full Metal Panic they would slowly back away with a look that said “Wtf? You watch cartoons?”. People, people, people! Anime may be animated but more often than not it has very complex storylines and characters that children are puzzled by! Don’t judge a series by its medium!

Alas, after much scrutiny over my so-called “childish addiction” (calling home while at a party to make sure that the vcr is set to tape Adult Swim and spending lots on overpriced manga for instance …) I decided to wean myself off of my beloved anime :o( I did succeed but yet something always seemed to be missing in my late night television viewing … ::dramatic sigh::

So here I am today my fellow 4channers calling upon all anime fans. I have decided to start up my addiction again lol but the scene seems to have changed a bit since I was last a devoted member of What’s out there that is worth watching as of late? Has Inuyasha finally become a dubbed box set so I can see if he and Kagomea end up together (don’t even send a spoiler message I don’t want to read it!)? Now that I have Netflix I’m super excited because I can rent rather than buy ^_^

So anime fans give me some suggestions. What should I watch after my 3 year hiatus?