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I have been a fan of this show since it first started airing. However, something always bothered me about the Britannians. They never felt sufficiently British to me. I mean, no pubs, no pints, no bangers and mash or shepherd's pie. Not once do you hear the characters say "bloody," "bugger," "Blighty," or "zed." I am an American but I do enjoy BBC comedies and Doctor Who. I don't claim to be an expert on British culture but a lot of things in Code Geass just felt a bit off. For starters, why were the stalls at the Ashford festival selling hamburgers and soda pop and not hot cider and scotch eggs or lamb kebabs? I know the target audience probably has no idea what those things are, but would it hurt the writers or art directors to do a little research? While we're on the subject of Ashford academy, the teachers were WAYYY too nice. Teachers at British boarding schools are notorious for being snarky, jaded and cruel.