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We need to have a talk, /a/.
You need to know the difference between quality and genre.

Genre titles like shoujo, seinen are just categories made to group together shows based on common themes, devices, ect. Even so, not all shows within a given genre are exactly the same - that would be like saying Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors are the exact same reheated crap.

Whether or not you like a certain genre is probably personal preference. Not everything is completely relative, though.

Because there's also quality. How well a show does despite it's limitations, in perspective of what it wanted to do in the first place. There can be quality shows in any genre. However, a show can be well made but still not appeal to you.

Does that mean you troll the shit out of it? NO, you silly motherfuckers. You can respect a show for what it accomplishes without even liking it. You'd have to strap me to a chair to get me to watch Lucky Star, but I don't troll it. It's good, for a show that was made to milk otakus.