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I used to be someone to trust reviews. From determined sources or persons but right now I've noticed how meaningless said writings are. They utterly subjective and heavily opinionated, with no foundation whatsoever.

I mean, even the paid supposedly "cool guys" like the Ben E. guy or the AskJohn faggot said basically nothing in their page long episode critiques. For example, I personally love Kaiba but this review feels like pure fanboy wanking:

>The first impression that comes to mind is: the bewilderment of the newborn. Staring wide-eyed trying to figure things out in a strange new world. We are thrust into this situation we know nothing about in much the same way as the protagonist. This first episode does a perfect job of throwing you into a world, a visual style, a narrative, an entire concept that feels replete with interesting detail and captures you from the get-go. Like any well-conceived fantasy, every little element seems interconnected, but by a logical underpinning that isn't immediately obvious, getting you to wonder about the meaning of this or that - that strangely placed hole, the amorphous environs, those weird flying contraptions, the odd physics that seem to govern this world. It tosses you directly into the melee without coming across as forced or alienating, something that is quite hard to do, and that many anime try and fail to do, but Yuasa consistently manages to pull off.

What's your opinion on this, /a/?