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Alright /a/, time for me to tell you about a weird fuckin dream I just had (don't worry, there's some relation to anime somewhere in this long post).

Alright, so I was walking home with one of my ex-step-dads (one of the more violent ones, he was an ex-Marine during a war - this man has killed people), when all of a sudden, he tried to attack me. I just dodge his punch and gave him a hard punch right in the fucking chest (more on why he attacked me later). For some reason, I went to my house and grabbed a shirt and some panties (don't get any weird ideas just yet, fags). Then, I started running to the Wal-Mart because it's open 24 hours a day (for some fuckin reason, everyone kept mentioning this over and over, be glad I'm only mentioning it this once). Nobody was there, the lights were off, but the doors were open. When I got through the first set of electronic doors, my half-brother (whom I haven't seen in YEARS) suddenly attacked me. We duked it out for a while, but I got him locked into Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock and totally made him tap. I let him go and for some reason he just smiled and left. I'll explain a little later. Alright, it's time we got to the weird/awesome/best part of this dream. At this time, I totally ran into the fine piece of sexiness that is in my image post. That's right, Rika from Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora. I brought the clothes for her, and goddamn did she look hot. I gave her the clothes I brought and turned my back, and to my surprise (I guess she was a tsun tsun in my dream and I thought she'd kill me for giving her some scanty clothing), she actually put them on.