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Do you know what I really rather dislike?
The Melancholy of 涼みや 春日. Of course, it's great anime, and everything, but most only view it for the unappealing dance at the end. It's all はる はる ゆかい garbage and is rather lame: the show comments over topics such as the intricacies of our cosmos and and such but no one really cares that the only dance and music is fail! And that's it, period. On youtube, I yet to see an AMV that does not cover this dance. WHAT EXACTLY IS ALL Y'ALL'S MALFUNCTION? (Disregard this of course, if you agree with me.) They're intense vile japanophiles, and not in the common sense. Screw them. *sigh* You have unintelligent folk such as XDarkred007X uploading said animu and then nothing ensues but these videos, and there is no ELEVENTH EPISODE of the first season!! But they do not care because they TOO FUCKING BUSY UPLOADING DANCE CRAP TO GIVE TWO SHITS!!!!!!!!!