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ITT: best anime of the year for the last 10 years or so. Anyone disagree?

2008 = Chi's sweet home (you were thinking maybe Teatrino?)
2007 = Kodomo No Jikan (was that count of monte christo anime any good? I haven't seen it yet.)
2006 = Ghost Stories (mainly for ADV voiceovers)
2005 = Gunslinger girl
2004 = Samurai Champloo
2003 =Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite
2002 = ????
2001 Hanaukyo Maid Team (what can i say, I like tits)
2000 = Blue Gender (tits and mechs)
1999 = cowboy bebop
1998 = Trigun
1997 = maybe Haunted Junction? (it was a bad year for anime i think i watched Extreme Ghostbusters and it was better then any anime that year)
The rest of the 90s are a blur of alternative rock, beavis and butthead, and Super Nintendo.
1991 = Ninja Gaiden
Anything befor 1990 that wasn't a movie sucked (prove me wrong)