To Your Other Self

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First off, lets get the shit out of the way; I Shamelessly need your help, /a/. Yes, /r/ is that way, I know. But I can only trust you guys.

Holy fuck, /a/. Why didn't you tell me about this gem earlier! So far, it's pretty great. That said, Anyone know where the FUCK Episode 8 is? It seems to have fucking disappeared off of the entire internet. Even the subbing group took it off their site.

I've also got ahold of the torrent for it from Shinsen, but no seeds. So yes, If anyone could point me in the right direction, or seed the damned thing, that'd be fucktastic.

Tl;Dr. Noein 08, WHERE? Seeds please.

Thanks again, /a/. I owe you one, good buddy.