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Hair of almond color,
Brown of much the same
Some 12-year old babe
Sweet like a honey cruller

So cute, so loving
So tender and sweet
From the first time I saw you
Swept off of my feet

But, of course by all morals
And all inner quarrals
I question and ask
As I grab for my flask
Drinking the roneriness away

I can't help but wonder
That if I didn't blunder
And practiced last year
That i wouldn't fear
Eternal roneriness

Yes, chances were slim,
But to people akin,
It's not all that hard
You could've tried harder
And could've got further
Just a lil' more just far

And now I'm just fappin'
Because of my yappin'
Dreamin' of lolita
With guns and a brother
Can't get a girlfriend
Taking more acid blotter

Fuck a loli tender
Just another weed bender

Fuck am I lonely,
Fuck am I high
To all of you though,
I still god damn try
For when you just quit,
Your libido just dies

And so you fall in love
With a 12 year old cutie
Another fake one
No, I can't get my booty
Just maybe one day
My hand won't just soothe me

But another one
A cute girl I met
Just ronery for now
That's just my bet
Get a pussy wet
But not yet and not young
Yeah that's right, it's where I'm gonna stick my tongue
Hold her through the night tightly
And care for her lightly
It'll happen one day, I just need to wait
But until then, I'll just have to masturbate