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/a/non, I was chillin' in the Bodhi Manga Cafe (Londonfags, check it out), reading this manga I thought i'd ask for you to help identify (it was all in Japanese, y'see).

The series seemed to be about this bald, old warrior-monk type character (a lot like in pic, it looked like he was on the front cover for all of them) on various adventures. The first volume started off with a trek across a desert wasteland which came to a conclusion when he sees an army marching (he goes to check this out, avoiding detection by covering himself with gravel). Turns out the army is heading for a nearby fortress/village type place. Anyway, our protagonist goes ahead and manages to warn the lord of the village about the coming attack and they make preparations to fend off the attack (a whole section of their defensive wall was missing so they had to rebuild that.

After a while fighting ensues and it's pretty graphic, more that one arrow goes through someone's eye and wolves are released to disastrous but hilarious effects.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, please reply.