Kururugi Suzaku

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This is what's going to happen to Suzaku, but the parts dealing with Lelouch are less certain:

For a long time, of course, he will continue to follow the Emperor. He will do everything in his ability to kill Lelouch and so on. However, Lelouch will slowly push further and further with his rebellion.

Eventually, Lelouch will probably manage to kill everyone before him in line for the throne. It will turn out that the Emperor had expected and hoped for this all along.

Soon following this, Suzaku and the Emperor will meet with each other, and it is likely that the Order of the Black Knights will be on its way to take care of the Emperor and destroy Britannia. However, the Emperor will want to welcome Lelouch, and Suzaku will, of course, voice his wish and conviction to finally kill Lelouch. The Emperor will promptly use his Geass, with the same power as Lelouch's, to order Suzaku to die.

Suzaku has already been ordered by that type of Geass before, but by a different person, so now he will have two orders. One from Lelouch and one from the Emperor. One to live and one to die. One from the leader of the rebellion and one from the leader of Britannia.

At this point, Suzaku will feel betrayed by both sides and have two directly conflicting orders. He will have to choose one, as they are equal in power. The result will be entirely up to his true wish for the future of Japan and the world.

So, what will he choose?