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>>Chi's Sweet Home

>>Rating: 3 (of 5)

>>Review: Why hello there kitty! Or, from the perspective of the kitty's mommy, goodbye. The opening premise in the first episode of this quirky new series is simple: an adorable kitten of no name and indeterminate gender gets separated from its mother and taken in by a kindhearted human family. Subsequent episodes depict rather banal interactions between kitten, little boy, and parents. At least initially, the lost kitten is haplessly desperate to be reunited with its mother, repeating the sentence "Uchi kaeru!" [I'm going home!] ad nauseam, while the humans come to grips with this new member of their family.

>>Chi's Sweet Home is a bald attempt to win its audience over by sheer cuteness alone. Thank goodness each episode is only two and a half minutes long; any more than that at one time, and I'm sure the kitten's shrill voice would perforate my eardrums. But to be perfectly honest, I couldn't bring myself to feel strongly one way or the other. The animation is unremarkable and doesn't ever manage to achieve that signature stylistic simplicity some Japanese cultural products have turned into examples of design genius. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't provoke lots of strong reactions—good and bad. If I didn't know anything about this series beforehand, I would assume that it is being targeted at preschoolers. That in actuality its manga inspiration can be found in Kodansha's Morning, a seinen magazine, is something I dare not contemplate too closely.

Why did I rage (again)?