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Zero; 0, Nothing, Cannot be Defined, Empty. Why did Lelouch choose this name? Because it has no Value. It can't be biased and is between negative and positive. Something he wishes to be; Nothing. He wishes to have no conscience, have no heart, never flinch when making choices, and never waver. But we see that's something he can never do, before he pressed the trigger to blow the ship, he hesitated...he felt the guilt of killing so many, where he could kill people that had no hope(First Geass usage, Hotel Jackers), these people were different and may have been allies. When he puts on that mask, his facade changes. Recall Jim Carrey's Movie " The Mask " where he changes into another personality the moment he places it on. It's something Lelouch hopes he can do as well. Yet we see in his mind that he can't throw away his conscience or ignore it as he wishes he could.

Episode 25 was named 'Zero'; which had good meaning because...what happened? Lelouch lost Everything. His move as C.C. stated " Your World will be Dyed Red.", He lost his School Life. He lost his Friendship with Suzaku, He lost his attempt to Win by not getting Cornelia, He Lost Nunnally, He Abandoned everything to get Her. At the end of the Scene his mask broke, and Kallen's Loyalty was placed into Question in the scene from her shock. He Became Zero for the First Time. A Being with Nothing. And he Acted the Part, instead of Excusing himself for Euphie's incident or when Kallen asked him if he used her and the Japanese, He Coldly gave an answer and shrugged her off. He also pleaded to Suzaku to help him find Nunnally, the last bit of friendship he could hope for, where he helped with Mao and helped Suzaku in his shock of his Father, he knew he could depend on him. Yet Suzaku cut off all ties, shrugging him off as well and leaving him with nothing but Hatred and a Great Enemy.