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Alright, /a/, morality time: I have discovered an underageb& narutofag on youtube. Kid is only fifteen and likes emo's. This is something I would normally abandon and simply harass, but as as it turns out... he is also only a newborn. His mind is clay that hasn't dried yet.

I didn't rage or facepalm while looking at him, I just felt sorry for him. He is only following conformity, watching and obsessing over naruto only because he thinks that is all that there is to watch, but I have noticed he has recently begun to stumble into other anime... good anime.

I see three options:
1) Ignore him. He's just another naruto fan.
2) Harass him. He's a faggot.
3) Show him good anime and rid the world of a naruto fan.

If you were to introduce him to good anime, what would you introduce him to?

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