BGM that made a difference...

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Just a few minutes ago I was watching again Gundam 00 episode 18; when Saiji learns that Louise has lost her left hand and almost all her family; the score playing in the background was “REASON” track # 19 on the Gundam 00 OST II; the same track was used during Lockon’s death sequence. I liked that piece of score from the Lockon’s death scene and never paid attention that was already played a few episodes ago. The same happened with Fate/Stay Night; track # 38 “La Sola”; this track was played two times in the series; the first one in episode 21 when Shirou kisses Saber for the first and last time and then in the last sequence in episode 24, in Saber’s departure to Avalon.

I guess we paid attention to the BGM when a scene left a mark in our memory.

So, tell me /a/; do you have a similar experience with another anime?