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Alright, /a/ let's play a little game of shadows, shall we?

With the constant motions of this board, making a post is much like rolling a ten-sided die. Your post will usually range around a 1 to a 0 digit.

We'll each take turns 'throwing', as is custom.. but this time, /a/, the stakes are higher. This time around, you'll be playing against your fellow man.

Allow me to explain the way it plays out:

You each start with one loli, or one waifu, of your picking, and then roll. If you roll a..

1. Your loli and/or waifu swap genders with the previous person.
2. You shall inherit or take the loli or waifu of person after yourself.
3. Same as before, only the person who came before you.
4. The person after you shall take your loli, or waifu, for good.
5. Is safety, as always.
6. Your loli or waifu will be switched with the last person who had this same number.
7. Your total of gathered lolis and waifus will be divided equally over to the next three people.
8. Your loli and/or waifu swap genders with you.
9. Your loli and/or waifu swap genders with the next person.
0. The person before you shall inherit your loli , or your waifu - for good.

Double digits result in the person prior and after swapping lolis and waifus.

Let's begin. I choose the Black Magician Girl as my waifu.