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For all the animesuki faggots who just came to /a/:

This is /a/, not animesuki. If you want another version of your shitty forum, go make a chan website. But if you're here, you're gonna have to leave your newfag attitude behind or else you're gonna turn this board into animesuki and leave yourselves back where you started. Here are some ways to be a good anonymous

1. Spell/punctuate correctly.
This isn't myspace. The less articulate your posts are, the less we'll pay attention to them and the more we'll think of you as a troll. Stream-of-conscienceness posts are fine, just so long as you articulate your brainfarts correctly.

2. Get some experience.
You can't have a worthwhile opinion on matters in this board without being exposed to some REAL anime/manga. So I recommend you all take a long weekend to read/watch these:
Drainage City 1 + 2
Cowboy Bebop
Boku No Pico
once you've done that you'll find you start caring less about Sasuke's current power level and find that Dragonball Z kinda sucks balls if you're not 12 years old.

GAR is dead, and we killed it. Making 5000 threads about "Lelouche is GAR" or whatever is simply pissing on its corpse. You can call a character badass or whatever so long as you provide evidence, but don't go around defining and re-defining GAR, especially not using mindless shounen characters.

4. Don't try making memes/roleplaying...
...Until you've done the first three things listed and READ Lurkmore.

Got all that? Good. Now if you'll excuse me, it's 8:43 PM here, and I've got to fap to some pregnant lolis.