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Sarevok Anchev is the primary villain of the 1998 PC game, Baldur's Gate. His father is Bhaal, the Lord of Murder, who foresaw his own death during the Time of Troubles and left a score of mortal offspring, who would kill each other when they came of age, sending their immortal essence into Ghennna and ultimately ultimately resurrect their dead father. Sarevok showed himself to be one of the most powerful and dangerous of all Bhaalspawn, killing several of his siblings one year before the blood war was scheduled to start, and preparing for the carnage by amassing a cult of followers devoted to his every whim and a massive army from the ranks of the city-state Baldur's Gate. Following a series of assassinations (ordered by Sarevok) he was primed to take control of the entire city, which he would use to declare war on the neighboring city of Amn, which Sarevok set up as a scapegoat. Sarevok's rebellion was thwarted by his half-brother, who chased Sarevok to an old abandoned temple of Bhaal beneath Baldur's Gate, where the two had a standoff culminating in Sarevok's defeat.