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Well, it seems the Naruto threads have not decreased. And to top it off, there's now some Bleach threads. Christ.

Well, anyways, I've been watching Kaiji these last couple of days and been loving it. But when I was watching this E Card match, I was thinking of ways Tonegawa could of been able to read Kaiji's moves.

At first I thought it was the painting behind them, in which someone was watching Kaiji and Tonegawa was recieving messages from some kind of device to know what moves he played.

Then it hit me that maybe he was able to read some of his moves from Kaiji's pulse with that gadget on his ear. I was 1/3 right. Felt good.

So I ask you, did you guys figure this out when you were watching it weekly? You probably did, but I'd like to know what theories you came up with.