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Now this is a story all about how
Naruto's Story got fucked inside and out
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there,
I'll tell you how Kishimoto messed up here and there

In western Konoha, born an' raised
Naruto was very ronery for most of his days
Trying to woo Sakura and look like a fool
But that fucker Orochimimaru, who was up too no good
Started making trouble in the neighborhood.
So he fought a SANDMASTAH and Sasuke got scared,
And said "I'm leaving to power up in Mike Jack's Lair"

Naruto begged and pleaded with him for a whole day,
But he used his Curse Seal, and then left on his way.
He remembered the kiss, then he remembered the lickin'
so he said "Fuck Konoha, I might as well leave it"

First Class yo this is bad,
Taking drugs Kabuto made in a lab
Is this what the people of the Sound are living like?
Hmmm... This might be alright.

Well, Naruto wakes up, after being out
Jiraiya was sitting there on a toad waiting to bounce
He wants to rescue Sasuke
even though he just got smeared
but alas, fast as lighting, the blonde bomb dissapears!

So he studied rasengan for 2.5 years
there was nothing new, unless you counted KN4 here
If anything /a/ would say, "shitsux"
but they thought "naw forget it lets watch some Gurren lagann a-hyuck!"

Naruto...pulled up to the lair at chapter 278
And he yelled to Yamato, "Shut Up, this is my Friend!"
So Then Naruto looked at Sasuke
He was finally there
to be WTFPWNED by a second-bananer