Code Geass and Dune parallels

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I've been thinking about this lately /a/.

The main character, a young nobleman (Lelouch vi Britannia = Paul Orestes Atreides) has hisone of his parents (Duke Leto Atreides = Marianne vi Britannia) killed for political reasons while stranded on/in a culturally alien surrounding (Japan = planet Dune). He eventually gains support of the local population (Japanese = Fremen) by leading a rebel group, gaining a 'nom de guerre' (Zero = mu'adib) and shaping his own elite unit from the rebels (Lelouch's Black Knights = Paul Atreides' Fedaykin).

I'll stop there for now, since I'm only getting into Geass and my knowledge of Dune is limited to the TV mini series. Anyway, I'd fucking rage when the Britannian Emperor goes to Japan to fight Lelouch personally.