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Hey guys.

I just finished reading mx0, it was good. a few months previously I read Mahou Sensei Negima, that was also good. now I am looking for something else to read, and I'd like something in that kind of style - the shounen/harem or shounen/romance fusion is pretty good.

Those two genres by themselves, I find they grow tedious after a while - Romance stories seem dragged out and get tedious after a while, Harem comedies are ok but they never really go anywhere (I read a bit toloveru earlier, it was just a sequence of two or three chapter plots with no real direction,) fighting manga often end up being those epic, never ending Jump titles with silly fights and powerups due to FIGHTING SPIRIT.

Any suggestion for what I could read/watch next? I've probably read any anime you can suggest that was made before 2005, but I am fairly new to manga.