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So I finally I got to finish/marathon TTGL and I have to say it lives up to all the shitstorms thats always happening on /a/

Since I couldnt play the TTGL videos I had till now ( been sitting on a HD for 3-4months now) and watching various series its nice to watch something as paced like TTGL.

Brilliant pace, soundtrack, script and the art style was entertaining. TTGL has one of the best endings I ever seen in a series if not the BEST EVER IVE SEEN. The last 4 episodes were... beautiful. Even with all the shit and baw till the end I couldnt help but get a positive feel from it.

Pic is what broke me, I managed to hold up tears till then but that sequence of scenes I couldnt hold back and BAWWWWWWWWWWED like I have never done before. EP 26 NEVER FORGET!

Looking forward to the movie recap etc whatnot and with that Im going to pass out, have a nice day anons and remember!

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