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Dear /a/,

I have gained access to controlling part of the program of a middle school anime club. When I last dropped in, they were (left to their own devices) watching D.N.Angel dubbed. What the holy fuck?!

I'm looking for anime that they could watch without getting the teachers fired or the schools sued that DOESN'T suck. Pic minorly related.

Things that have worked:
-Every Ghibli movie they had access to
-Azumanga Daioh

Things that have been deemed entirely unacceptable:
-Utena (for the sexual content)
-Fruits Basket (some crazy parent complained)
-Slayers (while nobody complained, the students wouldn't watch it because it's "too old")

I'm hoping some of you decide to not troll, /a/. This is a chance for me to give some young anime fans a lesson in TASTE, as opposed to letting them watch narutu sand ninjas on cartoon network.