Geass ED Interpretation

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Devil Wings: Show a willingness to ignore the repercussions of terrible deeds, and a connection with each other. Four characters have these: the grandest, Lelouch, the middle ground, Kallen, one fully grown wing, CC, and the weak single wing, Rollo. These wings are both a show in villainy and a connection to Lelouch, the most previlant devil shown.

Fake Angel Wings: There are two scenes with what appears to be ceramic angel wings. These must symbolize a false purity, an agenda beyond the true noble calling the wings seem to convey. Anya seems to lean on one, showing her possible faith in this false ideal, and VV spouts them.

True Angel Wings: In the lead here is Suzaku, the character with the most profound scope of making a better world without extraneous sacrifice, with brilliant white wings which out-span any other. Next is Anya, who has medium sized wings, showing she has a similar attitude to Suzaku and Euphie, yet her path is more developed than Euphie's own, whose wings are stunted, probably by her untimely death by the hands of Lelouch. The final character with angel wings is Rollo again, who seems in conflict about which path to take.