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From Newtype that just came out:

1. Lelouch will be getting a new double seat mecha around Turn 10 or so; C.C will ride and pilot it while Lelouch does all the talking and planning. Proposed name is the 'Rook'

2. Geno has a grudge against Lelouch. Lelouch and Geno were friends as kids. Geno, who is also from a royal family, was close to all the Emperor's kids. Lelouch always beat Geno in everything. When Suzaku says Lelouch is Zero, this drives him to finally beat him.

3. Anya is the Emperor's daughter. She was given her tattoo when she was young. Her mother was killed off after producing her.

4. Emperor's Geass has the power to wipe memories completely.

5. Turn 11 is supposed to have the first Suzaku vs. Lelouch clash.

6. Rollo is a spy sent by the Emperor to look after Lelouch. He turns against the Emperor, joins Lelouch later on in Turn 09, but he still has doubts. It is also rumored that he has split personalities.