5 Faggotry.

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Alright guys, this five shit has gone on long enough.

A recent five rage has caused hundreds of newfags to flood /a/ trying to immitate. The solution is patience.

While they may be able to 5, they will never be as good as the originals, do you know why, /a/? They lack the thing crucial to Yami.


They are newfags, if you just wait, 5 will get incredibly boring to them.

Basically, if you see a thread being taken over by Yami immitations, sage the fricking hell out of it, calmly, with no remarks.

Do not feed the trolls.

If worse comes to worst, and actual identity fraud is created, I'll have to start tripping balls (O_O) when I'm not posting as an /a/nonymous. If this happens, I'll spread this tripcode to everyone that made up the original persona of KoG.