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Ok so i FINALLY got to DL Kanokon ep.1 and I'm happy i did. I don't know why you guys heckel poor Kouta for. I for one am proud of him. He represents the sickly short kid in the class in which the girls wouldn't even give a glance at. I'm sure anon knows what that is like at least once in their school life. And here he is getting one of the hottest (not to mention "biggest") girls in school who is crazy about him and is fully willing to get into his pants. Sure she's a Kitsune with the power to merge with him but who the fuck cares!? I would gladly let her take over my body if it ment i can have her any time i want to. Whether it be in human or foxy form.

Here's to Kouta! The boy who didn't need to be a total ass (Makoto) to get the hot girl and a few other girls who have crushes on him. CHEERS!

On a slightly other note I know I've heard the voice of Chizuru somewhere else before. If anyone knows, does anyone know what other voices she's done? and if possible could you list them please. This is caught in my head i a need to figure out who she sounds like. TY!