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It is true that for every anime out there, one can identify positive and negative aspects of it. When I watch anime, I pay attention to both what it does right and what it does wrong. Given my personal likes and dislikes, I then come to a conclusion as to whether or not I enjoyed watching it.

If someone were to ask me what I think of an anime, I would not say that it's good or that it's bad. Every person likes and dislikes different things, so instead I would tell that person what it does well and what it does not.

It is true that some anime do a lot of things right and few things wrong, or vice versa. Such anime get a lot of praise or hate and are thus generally considered good or bad. However, even then, "good", "bad", and everything in between are still entirely relative terms.

There is only one situation in which you can use such simple terms to judge a show: if the people who are listening have the exact same likes and dislikes as you. For instance, if two close friends are talking to each other about anime, one of them can easily call an other anime good or bad as he will know from experience that if he liked it, his friend will too.

Are those of us on /a/ all the same? Do we all share the exact same tastes? That is an obvious no: the easiest example here would be how there are pedophiles and non-pedophiles. The animes that a pedophile is attracted to will certainly be different than others. However, what happens when said pedophile proclaims an anime about 8 year old girls showering as awesome? The non-pedophile group will hate the show. So is it good or bad?