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Confirmed for ACen:

Mari Iijima is known to many anime fans as the voice of Lynn Minmay in the classic "Super Dimension
Fortress Macross". In addition to this, she is an accomplished singer, and songwriter who has released
numerous top 10 albums through Victor Entertainment Japan and Warner Music Japan. She wrote all of the music for her critically acclaimed debut album "Rosé", which was produced by renowned composer
Ryuichi Sakamoto. Throughout her career Mari has worked with the music industry's greatest musicians
including Alan Parson's Project, Toto, and members of the John Mayer Band. Her 2004 release, "Wonderful People" was a smash hit and stayed on the top of an Indie album chart for over 5 consecutive weeks.

Most recently Mari reprised her role Lynn Minmay in the English dub of "Super Dimension Fortress
Macross", making her the first actor to voice the same character in both English and Japanese. In November 2006 Mari released her 20th studio album, "Uncompromising Innocence", which she wrote, arranged, and produced, with collaborative contributions from David LaBruyere (John Mayer Band), Michael Chaves (John Mayer Band, Low Millions), and Mick Karn (Japan, Dali's Car).

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