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I can still remember watching the first episode of Code Geass, being mildly horrified at the wacky "YAY JAPAN! Banzai! FOR 10,000 YEARS" jingoism, and walking away never to return. Those who continued watching the show, however, enjoyed a gripping mecha-flavored war drama. Quick recap: the Empire of Britannia (AMERICA) is currently oppressing the people of Region 11 (former nation of JAPAN), and the rebellion in the previous series failed after their leader Zero was executed. Or was he? Series 2 begins with Lelouch, an idealistic young Britannian, witnessing some discrimination that leads to a confrontation with an older, conservative Britannian. Soon after, mechas come storming in, Lelouch looks death in the eye, but a mysterious girl saves him at the last moment as he recovers lost memories and realizes that he is Zero! The rebellion lives!

If nothing else, the new Code Geass is a visual showpiece, flaunting its through-the-roof budget with rich colors, slick action scenes, and surreal effects when Lelouch regains his memory. CLAMP's distinctive curvilinear character designs also catch the eye. As for the story, well ... the ethno-political undertones still weird me out personally, but the oppressed vs. oppressor conflict is a timeless theme, and Episode 1's final scene promises plenty of drama to come. Perhaps too much drama—the villain's "There is no sin or injustice" speech and Lelouch's booming "Zero voice" are where it just gets silly, and that whooshing sound you hear in the background is the rating taking a nosedive after seeing that scene. But if you like flashy futuristic action and intense personal drama, you've probably already decided to watch Code Geass R2.