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Alright so I started Myself Yourself a couple of days ago. I liked it. A nice light-hearted drama/comedy. Funny, bubbly characters and an upbeat opening song. But then

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Seriously, I've never seen such blatant and powerful tone-shifting in any anime. Remember in episode four where Hinako falls in love with Syusuke and he rejects her at the end and she cries. I thought that was really cute and I wanted to shit tears. But oh my fucking God I had no idea what I was in for later in the series. About three quarters into the series shit just spirals out of the fuck control. Yeah, SOME of it was a little predictable but it still took me by surprise.

Syusuke leaving on the train and Sana running after him made me BAAAAAW!

And on the last episode where Nanaka tries to kill herself. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

9.5/10. I'm not trolling