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ITT; tear-jerkers. Contains possible spoilers for Windaria, Grave of the Fireflies, and Death Note.
Ok, so the first anime to make me cry was Windaria, back in the 90s. If I were to watch it again now, I'm sure I'd still shed a tear over it.

Just, man... the girl was waiting for him loyally, and while you just KNEW she was in the cottage while the stray bomb hit, the tears were held off until he came home and saw her spirit. I don't know, man, but that scene with him running after her, with tears in his eyes, did it for me.

Next up I saw Grave of the Fireflies. While I was not as affected as one of my friends, it did touch a spot for me. When I came home from school one day, my stepdad took me into the kitchen and told me my sister had been diagnosed with leukemia.

So, while my sister did eventually get better and heal, GotF did still affect me a little when his sister just had to go off and die... I mean, damn... =/

Third and lastly, I just now finished all of Death Note, which prompted me to do this.

Damn, yo. I already felt bad about the ultra sacrifices Misa had done for Light, then Watari and L... L, man! I loved L! ;.; but, I didn't shed a single tear until the final episode. Light's death just hit me. I didn't bawl or anything, but I did get misty-eyed.

It was the way he died, crying out for the two who gave themselves to him fully, and finally being put out by Ryuuk.

On that note, fuck yeah Ryuuk. The only true Death God.