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To create the ultimate shitstorm inducing anime list to post whenever someone asks for recommendations, I ask you /a/, what do you think are the most argued and opinion-divided anime here on /a/?
I often see people defending the likes of Lucky Star, Evangelion and Elfen Lied from the large amounts of hate they recieve. Never mind which side of these anime has the majority of the vote, but what anime do you believe are closest to 50% (out of their fans and haters)? Would Code Geass be one of them? Is Gurren Lagann too far above this 50% mark to be considered one of the most opinion-divided anime on /a/ - or is it close enough to be in the same boat as Lucky Star? Mainstream shounen are quite obviously far below this mark (I don't think you'd find one out of every two people on /a/ liking Naruto).

TLDR; post the most opinion-divided anime titles on /a/.