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ITmedia reports that 5 companies, including Visualarts and Dwango, have come together to create ai sp@ce, an online virtual world where players can get to experience life with characters from games such as Clannad, Shuffle!, and D.C II.

Players can create their own avatars, then select a character doll, then the player can log into one of the “islands” which are created in the image of the various games and live with the character doll.

Players can make the character doll wear various types of clothing, learn different motions, dance, and even talk to the character doll. Players can also walk on the field and chat with other users, and they’re considering the option of making users buy a cellphone in the game to be able to contact friends in-game whenever they want.

The main hub in the game will be modelled to look like Akihabara, and they’re thinking of various ways that they can integrate nico douga with the game too.