Cowboy Bebop Movie Casting

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Whatever, I know it's lame and there's been a million of these threads, but let's do it anyways.

I actually put some time (~15 minutes) into this and I know I'm a loser for it, but with the upcoming Akira & Dragonball films looking more and more like complete failures, I felt it necessary to imagine one being made right.

Spike Spiegel - Josh Hartnett
Faye Valentine - Maggie Q
Vicious - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jet Black - Ving Rhames
Julia - Natalie Portman
Gren - Cillian Murphy
Ed - Open Casting

Director - Ang Lee
Screenwriter - Shinchiro Watanabe & Christopher Nolan

PS: I'm aware if this thread is even mildly successful there will be Shitstorms of anti-CB, anti turning any anime into live action, and a plethora of **/10 troll ratings.