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sup /a/.

first of all, sorry for any wrong word usage, english is not my mother tongue, though i'll try to be as precise as possible.

i'm /r/ing all "adult" anime titles you know of, "adult" not meaning hentai, but rather seinen/josei type of thing. now, not all seinen/josei are "adult", for example, i find Elfen Lied kind of silly, pointless, full of dull dialogue, but spiced up with boobs and blood and stuff. i know many EL fanbois will disagree now, but that's not the point, someone else may like EL, i don't, precisely because of the one point i mentioned - THE DIALOGUE (capslock is cruise control for cool!).

i absolutely despise all anime in which characters constantly repeat each other's statements, like: a - "it's his final form!" b - "it's his... final... form?". also, i hate when they think aloud. letting me know what the characters think is nice, but i think making them actually say it is a bit too much. i feel like the creators think of me as a brainless slug, which needs to be told one thing gazillion of times, it totally pisses me off. the same goes for repeating the "key" phrases (so that the viewer gets that they're "important) and so on. also, i don't like the scenes where the characters go all ZOMG WTF with their eyes filling the whole screen with the show's suspense theme in the background when they find out something the viewer has known for several episodes now. also, it totally pisses me off when the hero/heroine is stupid as fuck, can't do shit, doesn't do shit and constantly sighs.

yes, i know it's the stuff 99% of anime is made of, but please, /a/, there has to be more of the ones i like. some of these stereotypical series are not bad (for example, i kinda liked Kenichi), but i simply crave for more of the ones filled with puer winrar.

/a/, i beg of you, giev me teh titles! the genre doesn't matter.