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So I just bought the final volume of Busou Renkin (only because I couldn't find any scanslations, and this series is one of the few I prefer to own legally) and loved it, but something else also caught my attention. They had a one-shot in there that the author did for some magazine, and frankly, I thought it looked fucking awesome.

It's called "Embalming: Corpse and Bride" and is set in a world where there are bunches of do-it-yourself Dr. Frankenstein-wannabes who make Frankensteins (the creatures) to act as their loyal undead minions. The story focuses on a Frankenstein named John Doe who knows nothing about his past life, only that he's now basically a thug-for-hire who wants payment in the form of female body parts in order to construct himself a bride; and a reverse-trap loli sidekick who is ordered by the Church she works for to make sure John never remembers who he was before he became a Frankenstein.

Anyone who can get me anymore info about the series and whether or not it has a chance of becoming a full series, is entitled to all of my internets.

Pic slightly related.