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There’s nothing wrong with watching cartoons as a child. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating animation when you’re an adult. Hell, I have a couple of DVDs full classic cartoons from when I was growing up, and as an adult I’ve gleefully rushed out to buy Toy Story, Ratatouille and The Animatrix. Liking animation is good for the soul.

But then there’s anime. And where there’s anime there is, the western anime “fan”. These bizarre and rabid obsessives of Japanese animation are typically the social outcast Neo-Goth type; clad like a thrift-store reject from a Matrix convention, usually with some self-involved rambling blog letting you know what latest OVA they picked up or which new anime soundtrack is synched up to their iPod - they seem to live their lives for another country’s culture, a culture they wish to embrace but can never be a part of.

No matter how anime fans want to paint it, stuff like Dragonball Z is nothing more than a glorified cartoon about trading cards. Don’t tell me because it has blood and death and occasional nudity it’s grown up and adult. Don’t tell me because it’s been running since 1982 and has 500 episodes that means it’s good. 7th Heaven did too and it was a pile of overbearing moralistic shit. It’s a style of animation made by a culture which gave the world schoolgirl panty vending machines for crying out loud, the normal rules of quality, standards and ethics do not apply. The Japanese also have one of the world’s highest teen suicide rates. No wonder, after sitting through the same crap that western fanboys slaver over. Give these poor kids some more He-Man and a little less Fruit Basket, please.