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A little summary of the new shows

Itazura na Kiss-I like how they have the 80's style animation but personally the show isn't for my taste,It may grow on me though.

ToLoveRU-Fanservice, fanservice...but I sorta like Lala but the male lead is of course...scared of women..such a faggot, why can't they just have a perverted kid!..Oh wait then it would be a hentai, MAKE SOMETHING INTERESTING JAPAN!

Macross Frontier-I simply hate how they have the guys look like girls, I also can't really say because they replayed the first episode, so it's just the same. Anyway if they make it epic, I'll ignore the horrible character designs.

Kurenai-A teen becoming a bodyguard for a little girl, it's like Man on fire but....lame